Merrill Benfield provides interior design services to residential and corporate clients in a worldwide capacity.


Merrill Benfield has collected and professionally bought & sold anticques all over the globe. Custom acquisitions available.


Since he was 15 years old Merrill Benfield has collected Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Mercedes, and many fine motorcars for both hobby and sporting purposes. 

“Although Merrill Benfield grew up in York, South Carolina, a small upcountry town that has been supplying cotton to the international trade since before the American revolution, he acquired worldly tastes at an early age. His father’s cotton mills specialized in custom -dyed textiles , and the son quickly learned from hoim about the myriad shades of color fabric can be dyed, as well as the differences among various weaves and compositions of finished cloth. From his mother, an antiques aficionado who advised on furniture selections for the Kennedy White House, he inherited a passion for antique furniture. Traveling with her on buying trips, he learned at an early age to identify the various French and English styles and to appreciate the luxurious finishes eighteenth- and nineteenth-century furniture”

Susan Sully
Charleston Architecture and Interiors